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Premium Krill Oil Blend

Azantis ® Premium Krill Oil Blend is a natural extract from Antarctic krill Euphausia superba, combined with high quality fish oils.  This premium blend was created at the request of several customers with a desire to replace the lower quality krill oil triglycerides with high quality fish omega-3 concentrates, while at the same time ensuring that all phospholipids, the key ingredient in krill oil, remain 100% derived from Euphausia superba.

Our Krill Oil Blend 42/25 contains at least 42% Antarctic krill oil phospholipids with bonded krill omega-3, and at least 25% combined EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid). More than half of the EPA and DHA come from krill, and most of these omega-3 fatty acids are bonded to the krill phospholipids.

Azantis’ 42/25 Krill Oil Blend is sold both as a bulk krill oil and as bulk krill oil capsules.  Azantis also offers bottles, and blister card units. Standard capsule sizes are 500 mg or 300 mg, and are bovine gelatin softgels. Other capsule sizes, qualities and blends are offered as custom projects.

The standardized 42/25 krill oil blend quality contains at least 1,500 parts per million (ppm) esterified astaxanthin; a powerful antioxidant. Certain customers request higher astaxanthin concentrations, than naturally occurring in Antarctic krill. The added esterified astaxanthin is extracted from the Haematococcus pluvialis algae.  Astaxanthin has impressive clinical studies supporting health benefits as a stand-alone supplement, and higher therapeutic astaxanthin levels in krill oil allow resellers to promote additional health benefits. Azantis provides speciality blends with esterified astaxanthin as high as 12,000 ppm.

All krill oils currently on the market contain besides 40-42% phospholipid approximately 50-55% triglycerides. The fatty acid profile of these krill oil triglycerides closely resembles fish oil triglycerides with relatively low omega-3 levels, such as salmon oil. Replacing the krill oil triglycerides with high concentrate fish triglycerides increases total omega-3 levels from 19% to at least 30%. The objective of the 42/25 blend is to combine the key differentiator in krill, the omega-3 phospholipids, with high omega-3 triglyceride concentrates while also achieving therapeutic astaxanthin levels. Our signature 42/25 grade contains everything that a pure krill oil has, plus more astaxanthin, plus more omega-3.

Azantis krill oil is free from contaminants and complies with all regulatory quality standards. As a member of GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3) we also exceed the applicable quality standards outlined in GOED’s fish oil monograph. The high quality fish oil used in our 40/25 blend product complies with GOED’s fish monograph standards.