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Water Soluble Liquid Krill Oil

AquaKrill Oil™: Shake it, mix it, drink it!

Liquid AquaKrill  is water dissolved Pure Antarctic Krill Oil. AquaKrill has a sweet orange taste and is in liposomal form. This means that the Krill Oil has been water solubilized. It’s the recommended form for children of 4 years and over and for adults who don’t like to take softgels. It is easier to administer; you can shake it, mix it and drink it. AquaKrill can be taken by spoon or added to your favorite drink, yogurt or smoothie. AquaKrill contains the same Krill Oil daily dose as Pure Antarctic Krill Oil softgels (1,000 mg). AquaKrill is made with natural orange flavors. It is delicious and easy to ingest with no fishy aftertaste or fishy burps.

AquaKrill is a trademark of Azantis Inc.

AquaKrill Product Attributes:

  • Aided absorption from liposomes.
  • 1,000 mg Pure Antarctic Krill Oil per 4 ml serving in liquid form.
  • Fully disperses in water.
  • Easy to blend in drinks and smoothies.
  • Made with Pure Antarctic Krill Oil and water.
  • Natural orange flavors.
  • Excellent Omega 3 for children and the elderly.
  • Same benefits as Pure Antarctic Krill Oil.
  • Complies with strict quality standards set in the GOED Fish Oil monograph.
  • GMP Certified.
  • Sold in 120 ml bottles (one month supply).
  • Sold in liquid bulk for alternative packaging by resellers, or for use as a functional ingredient in drinks.

Azantis Inc. developed AquaKrill together with structured lipid specialist Empirical Labs in Fort Collins, CO. Empirical Labs is Azantis’ sole manufacturer, and Azantis is Empirical’s sole distributor for structured krill oil.